Learn How We Work

  • We accept donations of used, unwanted and broken pieces of jewelry from the public. 
  • We then dissemble the jewelry and use the elements and pieces.
  • We re-purpose, to create necklaces, earrings, and bracelets,
  • Each piece is entirely new and unique jewelry
  • We sell to the public.



The work itself  is a labor of love and guided by the Holy Spirit. We spend many hours of our time and have invested our own money in findings (those parts of jewelry that don’t recycle well such as clasps, wire and earring hooks and posts.)

The design of a particular piece  of jewelry is a contemplative, meditative, and often a collaborative process.   We often are “taken” by a certain element of jewelry or by the color or texture of beads of a donated piece.  Sometimes that piece of jewelry sits for days, weeks, or months before we are stirred to then create something from it.



Some times we have  the experience of just “knowing” what we are to create and it can come together in a matter of 30 minutes.

We started working together in each of our homes for the fellowship and communion of it. As our donations have come in, they outgrew our storage space at home.  
Our church was able to find a part of a storage closet for us. Now we work in a church classroom, dipping into the donated items as we have need.

Where we sell our jewelry        

at churches in the Silver Spring  

At Baltimore Washington Annual

Shows at retirement communities



occasionally at outside markets 

Selling the jewelry is also touched by God as we tell our story of partnership with God in our work and fulfillment in
seeing the proceeds in action in our community and across the world.  We also see the joy that others have in being able
to purchase something knowing that it is benefitting the environment and those who are in need.




Where the proceeds have gone so far

We have been blessed to have been able to sell many pieces of jewelry.  In the past three (3) years a substantive amount of money has been donated to:

1. Action in Montgomery (a social justice organization in Montgomery County
2. EMEAN (Eastern Montgomery Emergency Assistance Network
3. A Guatemalan mission program
4. A local homeless shelter

Where the proceeds are going in 2018

1. Hungry Neighbors-church emergency food program
2. United Methodist Volunteers in Mission project


Our products


earrings necklaces bracelets unisex jewelry Protestant prayer beads
scissor fobs        


2 lines of Jewelry

  “affordably priced”   and 


“Heritage Collection” which are made from more valuable/antique elements. 



We’d be so grateful if you or your church has used, unwanted, and/or broken pieces of jewelry that you’d like to donate to Born Again Jewelry (tax receipts provided), OR if you’d like us to show our jewelry at an upcoming event, please contact us through Colesville UMC ph: 301-384-1941; We love supporting missions!




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