Cluster Lenten Studies

Event details

  • Monday | February 19, 2024
  • 8:00 pm

Monday Mornings (start date- 2/19/2024)
Emmanuel United Methodist Church

Wandering Hearts

In-person and via ZOOM


Monday Evenings at 7pm (start date – 2/19/2024)
Colesville United Methodist Church

Where We Meet: A Lenten Study of Systems, Stories and Hope



Wednesdays at 12 noon (start date – 2/21/2024)
Good Hope Union United Methodist  Church

We are using Bishop Tom Berlin’s book, Restored:  Finding Redemption in our Mess

via ZOOM VHIBZTJac2FkNFRJWnNUeVg5WkloUT098:omn=83537837140


Thursday Evenings at 7pm (start date- 2/15/2024) Cluster Study

Restored: Finding Redemption in Our Mess by Bishop Tom Berlin

via  ZOOM VHIBZTJac2FkNFRJWnNUeVg5WkloUT098:omn=83537837140