Persistent attacks happen against predominantly Christian communities in the Middle Belt region. In 2022 alone, it was reported that more than 6,000 Christians were killed and around 17 villages destroyed by Fulani militias. There are currently more than two million internally displaced people. ‘Kidnapping for ransom has now become the major money earner for the terrorist groups while victims of rape and people living with disabilities due to the attacks continue to grow among the Christian communities. Hundreds of thousands of children in these Christian villages are either unable to go to school or cannot access any good education,’ said our partner. He added that the elections in February and March (for president, governorships and membership of the assembly and senate) may well determine whether the agitating groups support nationhood or pursue independence either peacefully or violently. ‘The call to restructure the Nigerian constitution becomes the key factor for the nation. Unless Nigeria is structured and the constitution rewritten to give every region its autonomy and identity, minority tribes, who are predominantly Christian, will continue to be persecuted and to live as slaves and second-class citizens to the north with an agenda to make the nation an Islamic state. Whichever way this goes, Nigeria is a nation in need of prayers and a miracle.’

What you can do – PRAY

  • For peaceful elections in 2023 and political developments that would help to bring an end to the violence against Christians.
  • For protection for Christian communities across Nigeria.